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The Platform

"With our more than 10 years of experience in Strata industry, we have identified most common issues faced by almost all strata management companies which are not addressed by existing software systems."
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  • Strata Managers can’t visualize their day to day workload, there are so many things to be done but not sure how exactly this work should be organized​.

  • Most of the time, the customer (owner) expectations are not met as the Strata Manager is overwhelmed by so many little things they need to involve​.

  • Principals of the management company doesn’t have a clear visibility of the workload handled by their managers and hence doesn’t know how to fix it​.

  • Principals of the management company doesn’t have a way to analyse the work to find ways to may be outsource some of those mundane tasks to low cost resources​.

  • Hard to enforce standard processes across the company (for AGM Notices, Minutes, Quotation Requests, Workorders, Communications etc)​.

  • Hard to find the information quickly​.

  • Can’t retain information in the company as most of the knowledge is with the Strata Managers. When they leave the information goes with them.​

  • Hard to train new strata managers or other staff as there is no central place that captures all information about a strata scheme​.

  • Staff turnover means loss of valuable information unless they are properly captured.

  • One manager can only manage a limited number of schemes.

  • Can’t involve committee (COO) effectively for things like invoice approvals.

  •  So many similar queries from the owners which would have been reduced if there was an effective self-service portal.

  •  No access to a strata specialized out sourcing team with a much lower cost than the Australian resources

  •  Burden of maintaining a support staff in addition to Strata Managers and assistant strata managers

  •  You need so many different systems to work with which are not interconnected

  •  Staff can’t work from anywhere

What does it Look Like?

The Intellistrata web and smartphone apps feature 10 separate but integrated portals, each dedicated to a specific area of strata management, as well as an optional mobile app for residents.

The portals use a simple, intuitive layout with dashboards displaying real-time views of tasks and work orders, giving the user a clear picture of the status of each item at a glance.


From the dashboard, the user can quickly and easily access more detailed information and records as well as a variety of automated tools. Users can raise work orders, send group emails and SMS, vote on resolutions, and perform many other administrative tasks with a single click.


All information is recorded in real time, so you will never have to go looking for lost files and can be certain of the accuracy of your records.

What does it look like?
Trust Accounting Portal

Accounting tools and records.
Advanced financial reporting.
Integrated with Macquarie bank and supports other banks.

Invoice Approval Portal

View invoices and send for approval.
Approve, pay, or put invoices on hold.
Link to existing tasks or work orders.

SMS Manager Portal

Create and send SMS to chosen recipients.
View records of all SMS sent and received.
SMS chat function.

Community Portal (For owners to access and self-serve)

Upload invoices and view records.

Invoices automatically flow to approval portal.

Task Management Portal

Raise multiple quote requests and work orders.

View task status and record progress.

Attach files and documents.

Create automated checklists & set reminders.

AGM Management Portal

Create and view AGM schedules.
Create and share meeting minutes and agendas.
Vote on meeting schedules and notify participants.

Debt Recovery Portal

View debt for a chosen property or portfolio in real time.
Send SMS or Email reminders.
Customisable, multi-stage debt recovery process.

Mobile App for Residents (Optional)

Book facilities, order keys, manage deliveries.
Raise issues.
Important contacts, forms, and documents.

Invoice Digitizing Portal

Upload invoices and view records.

Invoices automatically flow to approval portal.

Strata Voting Portal

Vote on resolutions.
View record of votes and resolutions.
Send voting requests via email or SMS.

Communication Portal

Send out communications based on lot owner preference.
Record history of all communications.
Integrated with bing mail house for single click mail outs.

What our clients Say?

"We could not have done this with you and your amazing team. Every single one of them are very special and I feel immensely privileged to work with such incredible people. You have one of the best systems I have ever seen or used and I am very excited for the future."

"Thank you so much for your kindness and pragmatic attitude towards everything that was thrown at you during this project."

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