Make the Complex Easy and the Day-to-Day


We build industry-leading customer-centric solutions and also make strategic partnerships with other technology providers with the aim of bringing the best solutions in the market to the strata management sector.

Our labs are continuously improving and adding new features or customizing features post feedback from our customers with the aim of improving our solutions to better serve the evolving strata management sector.

Strata Trust Accounting

Levy Invoicing

Payment Management

Task Management

Meeting Management

Supplier Management

Work Order & Quotations

Debt Recovery Management

Document Management

Electronic Voting

Bulk Email & SMS Services

Self Service Portals

Email Integration

Bank Integration

Key Ordering Management

Defect Management

Increase operational efficiency, manager productivity & satisfaction


Our state of the art solutions including our single view dashboard for the strata manager allows them to manage more buildings and be proactive around customer needs & building needs by taking away the administrative burden from day to day operations.

Managers get to be in front of clients more, look professional with all information at their fingertips & confidently ensure all queries are attended to.  

Drive better engagement with owners


Our mobile-first and web-based customer solutions allow strata managers and residents to have better communication, ensure transparent decision-making with real-time incident reporting & information access via self-access portals

You can customise and offer transparency demanded by Owners Corporations.

Ability to have online meetings any time anywhere with your clients to resolve issues quickly

High Manager Turn Over Management

Constant training, retaining knowledge and key relationship information has become a nightmare. Our solutions ensure all critical information and communication is retained on the system which means nothing is lost when managers move on.

Our training and system design ensure you can have a new manager operational with all the knowledge of the portfolio within a short period of time with minimal disturbance to the Owners Corporation.

Powerful management dashboard to help increase margins & customer satisfaction

Our system monitors all data, communication, and usage on the system and feedback to management key customizable data via dashboards which allow strata companies to make vital decisions around profitability, resource allocation, customer feedback, cost analysis that ultimately ensures better strata operation with increased margins and happier customers.

The highest cost for a strata management firm its people with our dashboard you are on top of how to best allocate your human resources in the company.

All information will be stored in your private cloud portal which you can nominate the level transparency and access you would like your clients to have.

No need for multiple systems

Our single dashboard design ensures all aspects of the strata operations are available at your fingertips. 

Also, link other open API system to cater for customised solutions.

All information will be stored in your private cloud portal which you can nominate the level of transparency and access you would like your clients to have

Outsourcing Management

Outsourcing certain tasks allow strata management companies to lower costs but the downside is a loss of control.


Please choose from the IntelliStrata certified outsourcing partners to keep control while saving money. They have been fully trained on the platform and supports pay as you grow model.

Real-Time Financials

Financial Module directly linked to your bank which includes invoicing, debt recovery, levy creator, work order creation, financial statement creator and payment module

Stock Market Chart

Strata CRM

 Single view CRM system integrated with Outlook which has task management, supplier management, finance & meeting management

Analysing Data

Engagement Tools

Mobile and web-based solutions for owners to engage directly in real-time with strata managers with also online meeting capability.

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