IntelliStrata Portal for STRATA MASTER Users
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"With our more than 10 years of experience in Strata industry, we have identified most common issues faced by almost all strata management companies which are not addressed by existing software systems."

Strata Managers can’t visualize their day to day workload, there are so many things to be done but not sure how exactly this work should be organized

Most of the time, the customer (owner) expectations are not met as the Strata Manager is overwhelmed by so many little things they need to involve

Principals of the management company doesn’t have a clear visibility of the workload handled by their managers and hence doesn’t know how to fix it

Principals of the management company doesn’t have a way to analyse the work to find ways to may be outsource some of those mundane tasks to low cost resources

Hard to enforce standard processes across the company (for AGM Notices, Minutes, Quotation Requests, Workorders, Communications etc)

Hard to find the information quickly

Can’t retain information in the company as most of the knowledge is with the Strata Managers. When they leave the information goes with them.

Hard to train new strata managers or other staff as there is no central place that captures all information about a strata scheme

Staff turnover means loss of valuable information unless they are properly captured


One manager can only manage a limited number of schemes


Can’t involve committee (COO) effectively for things like invoice approvals


So many similar queries from the owners which would have been reduced if there was an effective self-service portal


No access to a strata specialized out sourcing team with a much lower cost than the Australian resources


Burden of maintaining a support staff in addition to Strata Managers and assistant strata managers


You need so many different systems to work with which are not interconnected


Staff can’t work from anywhere

Intellistrata platform is designed to solve those issues

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Platform includes following modules

CRM system with real time dashboard. Find out the work involved with a property, portfolio or all portfolios instantly

Meeting Management with template support to prepare NOM and Minutes in a few clicks

Invoice Management with workflows to digitize, approve, pay invoices

Communicator software to manage advanced communication needs

SMS portal to send bulk or individual SMS to owners/committee/suppliers etc

Advanced file finder to find files easily.

Advanced Community Portal to all owners with comprehensive reports, information and self-service facility

Cloud server to host Strata Master and all property files which allows accessing everything including Strata Master from anywhere – Fully backed up and managed by our IT team

Dedicated IT team available to do speedy customizations to match your business needs

(optional) Mobile app for large owners corporations with


           Levy information at hand

           Key ordering

           Facility booking

           Parcel Management

(optional) Office 365 Email hosting service which integrates with the platform for tracking purposes

(optional) Microsoft Teams support for document collaboration, team chats, team meetings and strata meetings etc

(optional) Back office team with extensive experience in Strata Master

Feedback from happy customers

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