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Packages & Pricing

Our Packages

Intellistrata offers two package options:

Platform Only

Option 1

Includes the Intellistrata platform with 10 integrated portals, with all the tools and features outlined in the previous section.

Platform + Back Office

Option 2

Includes Intellistrata platform AND outsourced administrative support from the intelliStrata Backoffice team. Our expertly trained team members use the intelliStrata system to perform all the mundane, day-today tasks that slow your business down and stop you from achieving maximum productivity

Our Pricing

What does it cost?

We offer seven pricing tiers for each of the two packages – 14 pricing options in total depending on the size and specific needs of your company. Our standard plans can accommodate businesses with up to 20,000 lots under management. If your company has more than 20,000 lots, we will work with you to design a plan that meets your needs.

On Her Laptop

We have a range of pricing to match your unique requirements. Please contact us

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