IntelliStrata Supplier portal

Introducing Australia’s first Supplier Portal to find Strata/Owners Corporation/Body Corporate Maintenance Jobs

What is IntelliStrata Supplier portal?

IntelliStrata Supplier portal is a marketplace, where

strata management companies can easily find the service providers


Service providers can easily find strata maintenance jobs available.

Renovating a House

Join today to be part of the Australia wide market-place specialized in strata maintenance jobs.

Over the last 6 months, IntelliStrata has paid more than 5000 invoices with a value of more than $6M jobs in all different categories such as care taking, gardening, plumbing, electricity, painting and many more.

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Welcome to IntelliStrata Supplier Portal Registration!

We are inviting you to join the IntelliStrata Supplier Portal as a valued service provider. IntelliStrata is a strata management software used by many management companies across Victoria and WA. Strata Managers use IntelliStrata Platform to find suppliers, send quotation requests, work orders, and track the jobs end to end.


Search service providers (by post code, trade and ratings)

Send quotation requests to the selected suppliers

Receive all

quotations in one place and compare them easily


Award the job to the selected

supplier and send a work order


Setup a date with the supplier to do the job

Communicate with the supplier using SMS


See the progress updates of the job including before and after photos.

Receive the invoice through the platform not via emails where it can get lost



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All in one

Get job requests from all management companies using the IntelliStrata platform.

Get the quote requests instantly on your mobile.


Can quote instantly via mobile phone without using a computer.

More complex quotations can be done on the computer and upload as well.


User Friendly

Receive work orders for the jobs you have been awarded.

Agree to a date to do the job using the supplier portal chat functionality.

Chat with the Strata Manager to clarify your questions.

Upload before and after photos of the job as a proof.

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Time Saving

Upload the Invoice via the portal to get the payments quickly.

See the progress of the invoice in real time.

You can see the history of all the jobs you have done in one place.

You can get a report of all jobs for a given period (for tax purposes) – coming soon.