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What is Intellistrata?

Intellistrata is a powerful new strata management platform that allows companies to increase productivity and profitability while minimising administrative tasks and eliminating the need for multiple systems. IntelliStrata uses a number of integrated, specialised tools to solve the problems that can overwhelm strata management companies.

Not only does our platform reduce workloads and increase accuracy for businesses, it also makes property owners happy and improves the lives of residents by streamlining and simplifying communication and processes.


What Problems Does It Solve?


The problem with most strata management systems is that they lack centrality. Managers might use one program to create invoices and another to have those invoices approved. Requests for repairs might be taken by phone and the order manually entered into a spreadsheet or ledger.


Each time they are required to transfer data from one platform to another or remember to complete a given step, the opportunity for human error increases.


With 10+ years in the strata industry, we have seen the results of poor management many times over:

  Poorly defined and inconsistent processes.
  Lost and incomplete records.
✓  Inability of strata managers to visualise their day-to-day workload and remember tasks.
✓  Inability of principals to quantify, track, and manage the workload of their staff.
  Information disappearing when staff move on.
✓  The proliferation of duplicate requests and doubling up of administrative tasks.
✓  Poor communication, missed deadlines, and dissatisfied residents.
  Headaches of managing support staff – hiring, training, retaining, office space, etc.)

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Our Solutions

67% of strata managers say they don’t achieve a satisfactory ROI. Many struggle to sustain their business due to the complexity of strata management and high costs of operation.

How does Intellistrata solve these problems?

  • The user interface is designed for simplicity, functionality, and accuracy and requires no special training.

  • Intellistrata is system driven, not user driven, reducing the chances of human error. Workloads are accurately displayed in real time and reminders are automated.

  • All important information is automatically saved within the system to be accessed when needed.

  • Self-service portals and integrated SMS allow easy, centralised communication with owners and residents.

  • Option to outsource your administrative tasks to Intellistrata’s BackOffice team of administrative staff.

  • Web and mobile Apps mean your staff can work from anywhere.

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